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Regardless of your personal preferences or climate, we have just the orchid you need. Click on the Orchid Shop button to see what we have available – all are blooming sized plants! Give us a call to see what else we may still have in limited quantities that aren’t offered in the orchid shop. While orchids are typically associated with the tropical climates we have many repeat customers from all across the United States Mexico and Canada.


  • Ascocenda John DeBiase

    Ascocenda John DeBiase

    This petite dynamo blooming sized clone packs a powerful punch of watermelon color to your orchid collection. Not exactly true red, but not exactly pink either, we think 'watermelon' probably describes its color pretty close. It's parents are Ascocenda Yip Sum Wah and Vanda Kasem's Delight. This classic combination registered in 1983 has been around to stand the test of time - it's always in demand. Many of its siblings have been awarded through the years.

    Price: $45.00

  • Ascocenda Princess Mikasa

    Ascocenda Princess Mikasa

    Royalty is back! We finally have some of the quintessential ascocendas of all time - the dark purple, ever-blooming Princess Mikasas in blue. They stay petite in size if your growing area is limited, but they have large flowers for an ascocenda - and such a beautiful dark purple. Almost the same color as the V. Pachara. If you've never had a Princess Mikasa, don't miss out on these.

    Price: $35.00