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Goodwin Orchids officially began in 1969 by John M. Goodwin. He built his family’s home and later the orchid business on the land his father had bought in 1919 located in Leesburg, Florida. What began as an orange grove and later fertile land for vegetables became the perfect growing area for orchids. Working full-time as a State Road Engineer during the 1960s, Mr. Goodwin managed the citrus grove after hours. He also enjoyed toiling with his roses planted where they could be seen from the road.

One day someone dropped by and wanted to trade some plants for the roses…those plants were orchids. That began the passion so many know when it comes to growing these exotic beautiful plants. Within ten years, that beginning collection had grown to something that was certainly commercial in size. Thus, the beginning of Goodwin Orchids!

During the 1970s, Mr. Goodwin dabbled in many species, but was especially attracted to the vandaceous after world-renowned Thai grower, Professor Rapee Sagarik, visited the nursery and traded some of Mr. Goodwin’s plants with some that were rare and hard to obtain in the United States. This began a business relationship that lasted many years.